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Experience the magic of the Wizard of Oz with our all-inclusive museum ticket. For under $32 (with fees) for adults and just $15 for kids, you’ll get access to the museum and three immersive experiences, all at a fraction of the cost found elsewhere. Don’t miss out on this incredible offer!

Open 7 days a week from 9 am – 5 pm. 

2200+ reviews on Google (4.9 stars),  2024 North America Attractions Finalist on Arival,  1000+ on TripAdvisor(5.0 stars) 

The Wizard of Oz Museum is truly wonderful for several reasons. The museum acts as a blank canvas for various forms of American fantasies. Oz represents a diverse range of ideas, including American culture, nonsense, movies, musicals, satire, fantasy, brilliance, entertainment, literature, obviousness, secrets, and even a measure of gold. 

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When you search for the Best Florida Museums on Google, you’ll uncover a list of captivating museums all conveniently mapped out for you. You’ll be thrilled to find that the Wizard of Oz Museum is currently ranked in the top 10 on this esteemed list. Other must-visit museums within just a 1-hour drive from the Orlando Icon Park include:

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We highly recommend taking a few minutes to watch the introductory video to the museum. The phrase “Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times” truly encapsulates the enriching museum experience.

The Wizard of Oz Museum

Step into a magical world at The Wizard of Oz Museum and discover over 2000 iconic memorabilia items. Delve into the captivating history behind the timeless movie and get up close with the original props used in the 1939 film.
For over a hundred years, The Wizard of Oz has been enchanting audiences of all ages worldwide. Now, the magic of Oz has arrived in Florida. Opened in Cape Canaveral/Cocoa Beach in the Fall of 2021, this dazzling new museum offers a captivating celebration of the enduring appeal of this beloved classic.

Wizard of Oz logo
Open 7 days from 9 am - 5 pm.
Adults $29.99, Kids $14.99
Wizard of Oz logo
Open 7 days from 9 am - 5 pm.
Adults $29.99, Kids $14.99


Come and experience the fascinating world of Oz at our museum! Delve into the lives of the authors of the Oz Books and discover how American history of the late 18th century influenced the writing of these iconic books. Explore the 40 official Oz books, as well as other works by Frank Baum on various topics including magic and fiction literature. 

Immerse yourself in the history of all the Broadway musicals, three different Wizard of Oz movies, and other films such as Return to Oz and Oz the Great and Powerful. Our collection of memorabilia spans from the 1850s to the present day, including items from your very own Oz collections. 

See iconic props from the 1939 movie, the movie script, signed contracts, and personal items of Judy Garland and other members of the MGM cast. Our guided tours and informational notes will enrich your visit, offering insight into the fascinating artifacts. Take memorable photos with life-size Oz characters and enjoy the option to watch a movie. 

Step into the kids’ room and be transported back to your childhood as you admire old children’s toys. In our immersive room, relax on a bench as you listen to classical music, appreciate Van Gogh’s art, journey through the universe, and view custom-created scenes from the Wizard of Oz book that never made it into the movie.

Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to visit our gift shop, brimming with old collectibles and new merchandise. Come and be a part of the enchanting world of Oz!

If not sure if the museum experience is for you check this article.

Information about the Museum

The museum displays over 2000 pieces with original props from the famous 1939 movie.

Immersive Wizard of OZ

In the museum, we installed a new light-colored floor for visitors to have an immersive experience as close to reality. Visitors are immersed in the first American fairy tale within 20,000 cubic feet of space, utilizing the latest technology to project images to the walls and the floor using over 30 laser projectors.

Immersive Van Gogh

One of the Cocoa Beach attractions in the Museum is the Van Gogh Immersive experience show.

Immersive Universe

The museum experience enhancing storytelling, with visuals provided through immersive technology, allows visitors to walk through the landscape described in the oz books.

What makes our museum special

The Wizard of Oz Museum is a unique and exciting destination that offers a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors of all ages.

What sets us apart is our dedication to preserving the legacy of the beloved classic film and its enduring impact on popular culture.

Regardless of the weather conditions, a museum visit is one of the fun things in Florida to do with kids indoors.

Wizard of Oz Merchandise

Oz merchandise is highly collectible among fans of the classic movie. From figurines and posters to t-shirts and jewelry, there is no shortage of items available for purchase.

Be Part of the Story at The Wizard of Oz Museum

While most museum gift shops offer books about a museum and its contents, The Wizard of Oz Museum takes its own story from the books to the screen by way of an immersive experience that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages.

The Wizard of Oz Museum is the most popular museum in the country that covers a book that emphasizes L. Frank Baum’s story and its impact on American culture. The museum’s family appeal is recognized by two major traveler ranking sources – TripAdvisor and Whichmuseum – where The Wizard of Oz Museum ranks in the top 20 for things to do in Florida among art
and/or museum lovers, couples, kids, and pop culture fans, as well as best group activities, and as a hidden gem. 

At Whichmuseum, it ranks as #1 out of 8,751 museums in the country in four
categories (child-friendly, audio tour, museum shop, and parking); as #2 among art museums in Florida, and #14 among the best museums in Florida.

For kids, excitement peaks when encountering artifacts in the Oz museum, when they are engaged and can make their own choices and participate in activities. Children are most drawn to the objects that resonate with their interests, prior knowledge, and experiences.

For teenagers, it’s often an eye-opener that there is more than one book in the Oz series, and there’s much more in the book than what was in the 1939 movie. They are also shocked to learn that the Tik-Tok they use every day is from Baum’s book titled Tik-Tok of Oz from 1914.

Millennials might also be impressed by the author’s prediction about wireless phones, robots, satellites, and bulletproof vests before 1920, and how the Google car resembles one from the cover of a 1941 Oz book titled Scalawagon in Oz.

Gen X is intrigued by different versions of populism used in the story and guessing the origin of the main characters. Does the Scarecrow represent farmers? Does the Tin Man represent industrial people? What about TinMan’s missing heart? Does this have anything to do with Baum having childhood heart issues that ultimately led to his death?

Older Oz Museum visitors analyze the information presented to them through their life-long experiences. The “Boomers” age group is often surprised when they learn Baum got an idea about the Emerald City from visiting the first Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. Baum’s use of spectacles in the Oz story is based on visitors of the fair who were blinded by the light at night.

The original Oz book was written at a time when the country moved from silver to the gold standard. This led to theories about Dorothy's silver shoes from the book and the yellow brick road representing gold. Adding to the speculation, it was noted that the measure for gold is an ounce
with an abbreviation of “oz”, and the color of American currency is the color of Emerald City.

Other Oz theories questioned the coincidence that all the females in the Wizard of Oz story are strong, and all male characters lack something and need the support of Dorothy. Looking into this further, attention focused on what amount of influence Baum’s mother-in-law, Matilda Gage,
a feminist had on him.

History says children frequently asked Baum to draw a map to the Emerald City, but today only a GPS is needed to get there. Simply type Cape Canaveral, Florida, to find The Wizard of Oz Museum, and then just look for a 12-foot-tall Tin Man.

Boasting a unique collection of rare and unique artifacts from the story’s remarkable history, guests can journey down the Yellow Brick Road with Dorothy and her beloved companion exploring Oz’s early days as a best-selling children’s book series first envisioned by the imagination of legendary author L. Frank Baum, the iconic MGM film starring Judy Garland, to modern pop culture sensations, such as THE WIZ and WICKED and beyond.

And because Oz is for everyone, guests can expect THE WIZARD OF OZ Museum to be one of Florida’s most affordable outings for the entire family at the beach. So re-live your childhood and travel ‘over the rainbow’ for memories old and new with the magic of THE WIZARD OF OZ Museum. Where fun and imagination await, there’s truly, ‘no place like home.’


They are talking about the museum as the top thing to do in Cocoa Beach

A message from the owners

The Wizard of Oz Museum is not a public museum. There is no public or private funding, no tax breaks, no guild, and it is not staffed by volunteers. The Memorabilia on displays is not donated and the Immersive Experience is entirely the creation and construction of one family. We open the museum to the public for your pleasure because we know it needs to be shared. The support you show with your attendance allows us to keep the doors open and continue our preservation efforts. Thank you for helping us preserve the legacy of the beloved classic film. It is an honor for us to be the stewards of Florida’s Most Unique attraction.