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Things to do in Cocoa Beach - The Wizard Of Oz Museum

The Wizard of Oz book was published almost 40 years before the original MGM 1939 movie, and over 2000 memorabilia pieces related to the Wizard of Oz movie and book series are at the museum’s display.

Each cabinet has notes to read in addition to QR codes and a guided tour that enhances visitors’ experience. The first ten cabinets cover from the 1850s to 1990 (the 50th anniversary of a famous movie).

What makes experience special

With its extensive collection of movie-related and book-related memorabilia, immersive exhibits, and educational displays, the museum allows visitors to dive into the magical world of the Wizard of Oz like never before.

Things To Do in Cocoa Beach- Visitors Experience

Visitors will view movie-related memorabilia such as an original Winkies guard spear, authentic signatures of cast members from the 1939 movie, Judy Garland’s original fur coat, Munchkins memorabilia, Apple tree, Life-size Gate Keeper, Jack Hailey memorabilia, and much more.
Outside of the movie, visitors will view Wizard of Oz-related figurines, Wizard of Oz Christmas ornaments, Halloween memorabilia, the Return to Oz movie memorabilia, comics, Barbies, nutcrackers, oversized Oz dolls collection, various edition Wizard of Oz books in foreign languages, etc.

All this memorabilia on display makes the museum visit a top thing to do in the Cocoa Beach area.

There is also an area with life-size characters with flying monkeys as a photo opportunity in the background.

We are keeping the museum experience as a child-friendly environment. We have a small kid’s room full of old original Oz toys from 50 to 80 years old, books to be played with and enjoyed, and color illustrations from an original Wizard of Oz books series. We advise parents to introduce children to the Wizard of Oz story before visiting the museum to be familiar with the plot. We provide an animal hunt game for kids to have a lot of fun searching for over 20 animals with a prize.

The museum is an educational place to inspire kids to learn more about the Wizard of Oz books series and hopefully inspire an interest in reading books. It is hard to convince them to read since most want to play computer games or visit adventure parks. It is a parent’s responsibility to determine what they want to take from the museum visit. Kids have fun based on the parent reviews, and the Wizard of Oz Museum ranks as the number one children’s museum in the country by TripAdvisor.

It’s an honor listed as number one, and we hope visitors take this opportunity when they are in the area.


You will never know what will be in the child’s memory after the museum visit. Parents can use the museum visit as an intro to Van Gogh’s paintings or art in general, and show progress in technology that allows for producing the immersive show.

Where else do kids have an opportunity to skip on the yellow brick road, watch the scene from the book where mice pull a lion from the poppies field, step on the mice, pet a lion, or experience the tornado?

Children love visiting the munchkin’s land full of flowers and are introduced to the scene where Tinman proposes to the munchkin girl on the bridge. In another Witches castle scene, kids witness how the witch design based on the book ( with a patch covering one eye) makes Jack Pumpkin’s head come alive from the Marvelous Land of Oz book.

We are working on scenes to introduce kids to the space universe. Currently, there are high-resolution images coming from the James Webb telescope.

We incorporated a telescope in the balcony of the Wicked Witch’s castle and planned to immerse children into 3-minute scenes from the universe through the telescope.

Some children might be interested in books outside of Wizard of Oz on display ( we have almost every animal used in the Oz books, most of them illustrated on the front covers).
In addition, Frank Baum author of the Wizard of Oz book also wrote a series of books for girls and boys.

Children might be interested in various topics in Oz books, like magic, pirates, ships, dragons, etc. Girls might like Barbies, nutcrackers, figurines, and costumes, while boys might like robots, cars, rockets, etc.

We had teenage visitors that were bored in the museum, and we also had toddlers that said the museum visit was “cool”.

The Museum visit might be considered one of the top things to do in the Cocoa Beach area for kids of various ages.

Visit the Wizard of Oz Museum today

“The museum displays over 2000 Wizard of Oz Memorabilia pieces with original props from the famous 1939 movie. Through the self-guided tour, visitors learn about the universe of Oz, which consists of 40 official Oz books, and the movie that we all love, partially based on the first book written 40 years before the movie production.”
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Fred Trust
Museum Founder