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Immersive Experience Orlando

Since opening in 2022, The Wizard of Oz Museum in Cape Canaveral has quickly risen in popularity with visitors of all ages by offering something for everyone. While young visitors are drawn to Oz-related toys, adult visitors often find the historical information about Oz artifacts most interesting. Yet, there is one attraction at The Wizard […]

Things to do in Orlando and Kissimmee area

While Cape Canaveral has a well-established reputation for showing visitors the stars at the Kennedy Space Center, the city also has another option for stargazers, which can be found at the Wizard of Oz Museum. The museum opened in 2022 and has quickly grown from a bucket-list destination for Oz fans to an attraction for […]

Museum standing against local attractions

Attractions within one hour of the Museum include Kissimmee and Orlando area. I recently received notification from Google that we had a record number of visitors to our website in March of 2023 and I decided to share some data about where the museum stands in the eyes of Google in comparison to others. On […]

The Universe of Oz

The Wizard of OZ Museum covers the whole Universe of OZ from the 1850s till now.   Most visitors to the museum are familiar with the Wizard of Oz movie, and we tell them that we cover the whole OZ universe and that the 1939 movie is part of it. Do readers agree with me […]

Best Oz museums and their overall standings

best attraction i Port Canaveral

Over the past year, I have noticed a few blogs mentioning various Oz museums as the Best Oz Museum. Upon reading them, it is clear that writers never visited any other Oz museums in order to provide an opinion of which one is the “BEST OZ MUSEUM“.  I have personally visited 4(#1,#4,#6,#7 from the list […]