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The Wizard of Oz museum - Collectible Games - Florida, Orlando, Cocoa Beach

The Wizard of Oz museum in Cocoa Beach near Orlando, Florida displays collectible Wizard of Oz games from 1921 in one of the multiple sections.

Oz board games have been released at various times since the first one in 1905, with The Wogglebug Game of Conundrums by Parker Bros. In our collection we feature an assortment of Oz board games old and new.

The Wonderful Game of Oz is one of the most visually stunning of these games. Released in 1921, at the time a major turning point in the series with L. Frank Baum’s death and a new author, Ruth Plumly Thompson, taking over the series, it was wise of Reilly & Lee to license merchandise of Oz to keep the series popular. This beautiful game features a colorful map of Oz as it appears in the book series. It was released a few years later with the pieces were replaced with less costly wooden ones.

Another piece in our collection is the 1939 Game of The Wizard of Oz, inspired by the MGM film. The “board” here is made of linen. These were sold in five-and-dime stores.

This colorful and fun board game set is E.E. Fairchild’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz game from 1957, made shortly after the book entered the public domain. The game features a spinner, and small pieces, all included here.

Another great piece in our collection, Fun Incorporated’s Wizard of Oz Magic Kit was sold at various novelty stores in the early 1960’s, and enabled the player to perform slight of hand magic tricks just like the Wizard himself.

And finally, a much more recent addition to the collection is a board game based on Sci-Fi Channel’s series Tin Man. This rare piece came with two CD’s which helped immerse players in the game.

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“The museum displays over 2000 Wizard of Oz Memorabilia pieces with original props from the famous 1939 movie. Through the self-guided tour, visitors learn about the universe of Oz, which consists of 40 official Oz books, and the movie that we all love, partially based on the first book written 40 years before the movie production.”
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Fred Trust
Museum Founder