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Over the past year, I have noticed a few blogs mentioning various Oz museums as the Best Oz Museum. Upon reading them, it is clear that writers never visited any other Oz museums in order to provide an opinion of which one is the “BEST OZ MUSEUM“.  I have personally visited 4(#1,#4,#6,#7 from the list below) out of 7  best Oz Museums and parks, and do not feel I can name a best. We are all different and complement each other. We are all the BEST OZ Museums.

I assume I could not take seriously any establishment that names itself a museum if it is not on the internet.
I performed a search on the keyword “Oz Museum” on Google and checked the first 150 positions since Google dominates 90% of online searches.

You might be surprised to learn that outside of the  Wizard of Oz Museum in Florida, there are 6 other Wizard of Oz dedicated museums in the US and one Oz Park in North Carolina.

Below is the list of them

1.  The Wizard of Oz museum in Cape Canaveral, Florida

2. Oz Museum in Wamego, Kansas

3. Land of Oz Museum in Wausaukee, Wisconsin

4. Dorothy’s House and Coronado Museum in Liberal, Kansas

5. All Things Oz Museum in Chittenango, New York

6. Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, Minnesota

7. Land of Oz theme park, Beach Mountain, North Carolina


Some of the museums on the list have Wizard of Oz Movie props on display which are usually unique due to their rarity and are one-of-a-kind items. Each of the museums and parks from the above list complement each other and have some unique elements that can be found only in this museum.  I would love them all to strive to continue providing educational and entertainment value to visitors and let Oz be endless.

To measure which museums provide an overall positive experience to visitors, reviews from different sources should be considered. 

I trust more to TripAdvisor reviews than any other sources because they have a complicated system to avoid fake reviews by asking for 125 characters of text, a user name to be linked to email,  photos of the experiences, and more.

To my knowledge, the following sources ( Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Yelp) cover 95% of visitors’ experiences. I am not considering awards from USA Today sources, since I feel they are not reliable sources. To give you an example, recently they published an article about the Kennedy Space  Center being a tourist trap, which I do not agree with.  But I lost my trust in USA Today after giving a well-deserved Pop Culture award to OZ  Museum in Wamego in 2021, and in 2023  USA Today named the OZ Museum as a tourist trap in Kansas that has only $10 admission fees. This is not a professional way to review the attraction by USA Today, I like the Oz Museum and donated to them in the past, and don’t feel they are a tourist trap.  The sad part is that other internet sources now feel that they can use references from USA Today and provide their opinions without visiting the museum as an example of this source “Don’t Waste your money at this tourist traps in every state”.


If any of you are considering visiting other Oz Museums in the country, the ranking below should give you a very good idea of where the Wizard of Oz Museum in Florida stands among other Oz-related museums and parks.
Please note that some museums have been open for decades and a number of reviews reflect that.

Below is the chart to determine the BEST OZ MUSEUM

1. Oz Museum in Wamego, Kansas
Source (Rating/# reviews)
Google ( 4.6 / 1915)
TripAdvisor ( 4.5 / 525)
Facebook ( 4.6 / 1879)
Yelp (4.0 / 93)
Overall Score: 4.5

2. Land of Oz Museum in Wausaukee, Wisconsin
Source (Rating/# reviews)
Google ( N/A)
TripAdvisor ( 5.0 / 2)
Facebook ( 4.9 / 40)
Yelp (N/A)
Overall Score: 4.9 (No Google or Yelp reviews to provide accurate stats)

3. Dorothy’s House and Coronado Museum in Liberal, Kansas
Source (Rating/# reviews)
Google ( 4.3 / 847)
TripAdvisor ( 3.5 / 189)
Facebook ( 4.9 / 40)
Yelp (3.5 / 22)
Overall Score: 4.1

4. All Things Oz Museum in Chittenango, New York
Source (Rating/# reviews)
Google ( 4.8 / 86)
TripAdvisor ( 4.5 / 23)
Facebook ( 4.8 / 181)
Yelp (5.0 / 5)
Overall Score: 4.7

5. Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, Minnesota
Source (Rating/# reviews)
Google ( 4.5 / 232)
TripAdvisor (4.0 / 99)
Facebook ( 4.9 / 40)
Yelp (4.0 / 14)
Overall Score: 4.2

6. Land of Oz theme park, Beach Mountain, North Carolina
Source (Rating/# reviews)
Google ( 4.4 / 267)
TripAdvisor ( 4.0 / 164)
Facebook ( N/A)
Yelp (4.0 / 34)
Overall Score: 4.2

7. The Wizard of Oz museum in Cape Canaveral, FL
Source (Rating/# reviews)
Google ( 4.9 / 1551)
TripAdvisor ( 5.0 / 396)
Facebook ( 4.8 / 100)
Yelp (4.5/40)
Overall Score: 4.9


Please note every Oz attraction above ranks over 4.0 (very good) and make a great choice to visit when in the area.