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Immerse Yourself in Technology at The Wizard of Oz Museum

Cape Canaveral, Florida, Nov. XX, 2023 (PRNewswire) – Since opening in 2022, The Wizard of Oz

Museum in Cape Canaveral has quickly risen in popularity with visitors of all ages by offering

something for everyone. While young visitors are drawn to Oz-related toys, adult visitors often

find the historical information about Oz artifacts most interesting. Yet, there is one attraction at

The Wizard of Oz Museum that separates it from traditional memorabilia-based museums: an

immersive experience that tells the story of Oz.

The Wizard of Oz Museum’s immersive experience is a true technological marvel, with all age

groups in agreement. Located in a separate room within The Wizard of Oz Museum, the

immersive experience features more than 30 laser projectors that surround visitors with music

and images projected from floor to ceiling. The Wizard of Oz immersive experience stands out

from other video projections by offering 3D images instead of the cartoonish options seen


Beyond the many artifacts on display, the immersive experience at The Wizard of Oz Museum

educates visitors about Dorothy’s adventures in Oz. Short videos based on sections of the

original book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum – as well as other books in the Oz

series – give visitors a better understanding of how Dorothy went over the rainbow, and how

she found her way home with the help of friends.

Just as Dorothy’s own adventure begins with a tornado, so does The Wizard of Oz Museum’s

immersive experience. Visitors can almost feel the powerful winds as they hear the roar of the

tornado. Projected images surround visitors with a view from inside the tornado, where

windows, debris, and farm animals remain airborne until the tornado passes. Images that

follow show Munchkin Land on the walls and the Yellow Brick Road on the floor. In addition to

the first video, subsequent videos highlight the Poppy Field and Emerald City, with all videos

playing on a loop, so visitors can see them all.

Another option for an immersive experience at The Wizard of Oz Museum is videos of Van

Gogh’s artwork (link to https://wizardofozflorida.com/van-gogh-immersive.html), which

alternate with the Oz videos. The beauty of Van Gogh’s sunflowers, as they follow videos of

poppies in Oz, is breathtaking and not found anywhere else. Upcoming Oz-related videos

include the appearance of the Wicked Witch of the West, the characters of China Town, and

the arrival of Glinda in her magical bubble.

The Wizard of Oz Museum recently added another immersive experience for visitors to the

Space Coast that have an interest in Space technology. Using images from the latest James

Webb telescope, the museum incorporated them into the Wicked Witch looking through the

telescope, providing a few minutes of scenery flying through the universe (link to


All three immersive experiences are shown as part of the general admission in comparison to

other establishments that charge for each experience separately.

The Wizard of Oz Museum is currently ranked as the Top Children’s Museum in the U.S. on

Tripadvisor. It’s also listed in the Top 25 Museums in Florida, and is the number one museum

on the Space Coast. With the technological appeal of the immersive experiences, the museum

has become a must-see attraction among fans of the latest video and 3D technology.

For Wizard of Oz and technology fans alike, The Wizard of Oz Museum is located at 7099 North

Atlantic Avenue in Cape Canaveral.