Museum standing against local attractions

I recently received notification from Google that we had a record number of visitors to our website in March of 2023 and I decided to share some data about where the museum stands in the eyes of Google in comparison to others. On average Google sends over 90% of internet traffic to any website, so […]

The Universe of Oz

Most visitors to the museum are familiar with the Wizard of Oz movie, and we tell them that we cover the whole OZ universe and that the 1939 movie is part of it. Do readers agree with me about what constitutes the Oz Universe? Below is my view of the Oz Universe represented in percentages. […]

Oz-related museums and their standings

best attraction i Port Canaveral

I assume I could not take seriously any establishment that names itself a museum if it is not on the internet.I performed a search on the keyword “Oz Museum” on Google and checked the first 150 positions since Google dominates 90% of online searches. You might be surprised to learn that outside of the  Wizard […]