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wizard of oz fans

Story of Wizard of Oz Fans visit.

Recently, I took a chance and let 6 men in their 20s into the museum for free. They told me that they did not have money to pay for admission, but they were fans of Oz and would like to skip on the yellow brick road. I was not sure whether to let them in or not based on their appearance. One of the men had a camera and told me that they had 20,000 viewers who followed them in a live session.I decided to take a chance and guided them through the museum and the Immersive room. They had many questions and had fun in the immersive room. Of course, as expected their behavior is not on par with the visitors we usually have at the museum.They thanked me and eventually left the museum. I felt that I did my mission to let other 20K viewers, who probably have no real life follow these guys 24/7 to learn that there other interesting things in the world.A few minutes later, I received a 5-star review from one of the guys with my photo next to him below”Amazing humans who graciously allowed my friends who were live streaming with 15 thousand viewers to take a small tour without hesitation. Very knowledgeable and friendly with one of the best, if not the best collection of authentic memorabilia from the Wizard Of Oz. The owner even spent 10 minutes after conversing with them about the history and was nothing but happy and friendly. 100 percent would recommend to bring your friends and family or just yourself! 5 stars!!”What surprised me was that within 30 minutes after they left, I received over 20 Google 5-star reviews from their viewers. One of the reviewers was a dad of the boys, who thanked me for allowing his autistic son to experience the museum.Below is what he wrote:”My autistic son Paul is a HUGE fan of the Wizard of Oz and they let him check it out for free! Thanks so much I would highly recommend this place to anyone!”Later on, I discovered that they additionally placed 3 videos of the museum experience on Tik-Tok which will help with the museum awareness.